Master students (m/f), Code MS-PF-01

The Laimburg Research Centre is the leading research institute for agriculture and food quality in South Tyrol (Italy). We operate mainly in applied research with the aim of increasing the competitiveness and sustainability of South Tyrolean agriculture and of ensuring the quality of agricultural products. 

The Group Science Entomology is looking for highly motivated

Master students (m/f), Code MS-PF-01

Behavioural assays for the determination of feeding stimulant activity in Drosophila suzukii of selected identified metabolites


The Group Entomology is part of the Division of Plant Protection of the Laimburg Research Centre. Our group studies the biological and ecological context of pests and beneficial organisms.

The Master`s Thesis will be part of the project DROMYTAL. The aim of the project is the development of an innovative management approach for spotted wing drosophila (Drosophila suzukii) using an environmentally friendly attract and kill formulation. Our project partners are the Laboratory for Flavour and Metabolites of the Laimburg Research Centre and the Free University of Bozen.

Research on D. suzukii traditionally focuses on the role of volatile compounds in the biology of this insect pest. Here, we focus on how the nutritional value of food affects yeast consumption (cf. Lebreton et al. 2014). With the capillary feeder assay (cf. Ja et al. 2007) we are capable to measure the food intake and simultaneously it makes it possible to observe the mortality, fecundity and fertility of single D. suzukii flies. This method was used at the laboratory of entomology several times with success. In our previous experiments the chemical compounds of different yeast species were determined. It will be your challenge to determine the influence of this compounds on the life-history of D. suzukii.

  • Ja WW, Carvalho GB, Mak EM, et al. (2007) Prandiology of Drosophila and the CAFE assay. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 104:8253-6. doi: 10.1073/pnas.0702726104
  • Lebreton S, Witzgall P, Olsson M, Becher PG (2014) Dietary glucose regulates yeast consumption in adut Drosophila males. Front Physiol. 2014; 5: 504. doi: 10.3389/fphys.2014.00504

Profile of requirements

  • We look forward to students of agricultural sciences, biology or related fields.
  • Contributing your own ideas
  • Dutiful execution your own experiments
  • Taking care of the laboratory rearing for your experiments
  • Carrying out chemical calculations like dilutions and stoichiometric calculations
  • Writing minutes about your experiments, and your Master`s thesis
  • Good knowledge of spoken and written German or Italian and English.

 Duration: 6 months

   Work place    

Laimburg Research Centre, Laimburg 6, Pfatten / Vadena , 39040 Auer/Ora Südtirol Italy - Plant Protection Department 

Further   informations To apply please send your application by e-mail to, quoting in the title the reference code of the position and including:

  • letter of motivation (including a brief description of research interests, personal experiences, motivations an earliest date to start with the master thesis)
  • complete Curriculum Vitae (signed and not older than 6 months)
  • the curriculum must include the following phrase, otherwise the candidature will not be taken into consideration: “I agree to the handling of my personal data in accordance with EU Regulation GDPR 2016/679”.
  • the copy of a valid identity ID (it must always be enclosed, unless the application is submitted personally by the applicant).

For more information please visit our homepage ( or contact us by e-mail: (Silvia Schmidt) or by phone: +39 0471 969618.

Please clarify the formal conditions before starting and inform yourself about the regulations and deadlines at your university.

Equal opportunities: The position is open to both genders, Law n. 903, 9/12/1977, art. 1. The policy and practice of the Laimburg Research Centre require that all staff are offered equal opportunities within employment.

Data treatment: All data supplied by applicants will be used only for the purposes of determining their suitability for the position and will be held in accordance with the principles of the Personal Data Protection Code, Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003 and EU Regulation GDPR 2016/679. By sending the CV and application, the candidate will consent and authorize the Laimburg Research Centre to the use of his/her personal data. The candidate takes full responsibility for all the information included in the application form and curriculum vitae. Laimburg Research Centre reserves the right to request documentary proof of the qualifications listed by the candidate considered suitable for the post offered.


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