Science Support, Strategy & Communication

To allow the scientists at Laimburg Research Centre to truly focus on their work, the interdisciplinary Science Support, Strategy & Communication team assists and complements the research facility in all of its science-related activities.

We accompany the scientists and co-operation partners of Laimburg Research Centre throughout the entire project life cycle: from the initiation stage to applying for funds as well as handling and managing resources, and all the way to communication and the transfer of knowledge.

Our aim is to further strengthen and consolidate the Laimburg research sector on the whole with the help of a wide portfolio. For the benefit of agriculture in all of South Tyrol, we support international and interdisciplinary co-operations in applied science and streamline our research activities with the needs of our local and regional stakeholders. In doing so, we take great care to inform the appropriate target groups among the population about our outcomes and findings.

In close collaboration with the Laimburg Research Centre head office, we contribute to defining the strategic orientation of the Centre and to developing long-term research programmes.

Science Support, Strategy & Communication consist of five task groups: Research Management, Project Service, Project Management, Science Communication and Library.


The Research Management task group supports the Laimburg head office in outlining the strategic orientation of the Research Centre. To do so, it provides assistance in formulating and developing long-term research programmes and in putting them into practice in terms of content, organisation and funding. It furthermore coordinates the multi-year programme agreement with the Autonomous Province of Bolzano/Bozen-South Tyrol and the evaluation of the Centre's entire research output. Another one of its core activities is to set up and expand new areas of research and to accompany them on their way to being put into practice. In addition to that, the group strives to broaden the research network by building new strategic partnerships in science.



Research promotion
The Project Service team advises and supports the Laimburg Research Centre staff in initiating and applying for projects funded by third parties: We offer assistance in both the development of project concepts and the search for project partners, we furnish information on funding opportunities at local as well as at European level and provide our support in drawing up and submitting project applications.

Bringing stakeholders and partners together
As the Centre's key interface towards the outside, we remain in close contact with our stakeholders and research partners as well as with organisations and funding bodies at both national and international level.
We organise and accompany the annual meetings of the Scientific Advisory Group and of the expert advisory councils, to which more than 100 organisations are invited on a regular basis, with the aim of coordinating the Centre's research projects with the requirements of agricultural practice and food processing.

Strategic assistance
We work closely with the Laimburg Research Centre head office to support them in developing long-term research programmes, and we provide assistance in putting them into practice in terms of content, organisation and funding.




The Project Management task group is in charge of coordinating, administrating and handling the accounting and budgets of third-party projects which can be anything from private, contract-based research to interdisciplinary EU projects.

Once a project is approved, the Project Management team takes over from the Project Service task group and – from the kick-off meeting all the way to the successful conclusion of the project – guides the implementation of the measures as laid out in the project application and guidelines of the funding framework.

To safeguard the project aims and use the project resources in compliance with the governing guidelines, we work closely with other task groups and sectors of Laimburg Research Centre and with our national and international partners, funding agencies and monitoring bodies throughout the entire implementation stage of a project.

At internal level, we are the central point of contact for project managers and team members. Together with the project managers, we carry out initiatives to monitor and plan project activities. We ensure transparency in all project handling stages by means of timely accounting with regard to funding and strict monitoring and accounting of all project costs, and we provide feedback on the project status to all administrative or monitoring bodies and to all partners.

The team also administers any First and Second Level Control or European Commission audits.



The Science Communication team is in charge of the communication strategy adopted by Laimburg Research Centre.
Our goal is to foster and promote a thriving exchange with the international science community, the public and anyone working in agriculture – with the aim of making the broad range of research activities covered by the Centre known to a general and expert public audience.

Media relations and website
We issue press reports, carry out media monitoring, attend to press inquiries, organise interviews with the right contact person within the Centre and provide information and material for print, broadcasting and online media outlets. In addition to that, we develop specific communication concepts and dossiers and contribute to the Centre's website.

Science Communication
Our approach to communicating scientific knowledge is target-group oriented: We process specialist information for expert media at regional level whilst assisting our in-house scientists in authoring articles and content aimed at sharing their findings and in complying with the dissemination requirements of EU projects.
It is our aim to offer the general public convenient access to our ample range of research topics. To that end, we process our findings and insights and turn them into simple, comprehensible information which is accessible to anyone. Every year, we also issue the Laimburg Report documenting the Centre's scientific output plus a number of print matters, and we contribute to radio and TV programmes recounting our research activities.

Internal communications
Aside from the communication between the Centre staff, we handle incoming requests and direct them to our experts working in the relevant field. Moreover, we are in charge of coordinating the Centre's communication with the South Tyrol provincial government and its press office.


Event communication
We handle communication on scientific events through various channels, from press relations and media cooperation to the institutional website, especially the "News" section, and social media.



Laimburg Library is a specialised technical library geared towards the Research Centre's individual departments and fields of study. As such, it organises and makes available the latest scientific literature in fruit growing, viticulture, post-harvest biology and technology, plant protection, mountain agriculture and grassland farming, arable farming and animal breeding, aquaculture, alternative crops, enology, vegetable and ornamental plant cultivation, agricultural chemistry and food sciences.

Outside users can access the library's collection of publications in the reading room.

Approximately 15,000 bibliographic items are included in the library’s inventory; it stocks some 290 periodicals, of which 120 titles are obtained on subscription.

All items are available in the joint online catalogue of the Science South Tyrol library network. The platform connects the libraries of small and major science institutions, museums and other specialist centres, providing convenient and improved access to all scientific print and electronic resources of partner institutions all across South Tyrol:


Click here to access the new catalogue(Externer Link)

Opening times:
Monday – Thursday: 8 am - 12 pm and 1 pm - 5 pm
Friday: 8 am - 12 pm and 1 pm - 4 pm