Open Lab

Laimburg Research Centre is South Tyrol’s research institute for agriculture and food quality. The Open Lab concept was launched to boost the promotion of research and innovation in South Tyrol as well as to strengthen cooperation among research institutes and businesses.Open Lab is a service offered by Laimburg Research Centre, aimed at businesses and start-ups in South Tyrol, to enable them – after specific training from the staff at Laimburg Research Centre – are then able to make independent use of some of the devices and equipment in the Centre’s laboratories to carry out their own research activities.Businesses and start-ups can benefit from additional support for their research activities, including the use of the Open Lab service, when they apply for the Lab-Bonus, which covers from 50 % to 65 % of the costs.


Laboratories and Instrumentation

The service is avalable at the following laboratories:

  • Laboratory of Flavours and Metabolites (located at NOI Techpark)
  • Laboratory of Food Microbiology
  • Laboratory for Wine and Beverages Analysis
  • Laboratory of Residues and Contaminants
  • Laboratory for Soil and Plant Analysis
  • Laboratory of Molecular Biology

There are plans to expand the Open Lab service to other laboratories.


Laboratory Use

Laboratory equipment can be used on a daily basis or – according to availability – for longer periods. High-end devices can also be reserved on an hourly basis, upon approval with the laboratory director. In order to use independently the high-end equipment, suitable experience in its operation is required. Users must abide by the current regulations for use and safety. These will be delivered on signing of the contract. The use of laboratory equipment is subject to in-stock availability. Applications to use the Open Lab service must be sent to the Project Service work group at Laimburg Research Centre (see contact below).

Prices 2024

Prices are calculated according to daily or hourly rates (high-end instrumentation only), and they differ according to the class of instrument:

  • Basic: € 92/day
  • Advanced: € 164/day
  • High-end: € 667/day or € 85/hour

Prices are per workstation/person and do not include VAT.

The price includes the obligatory basic training and safety briefing for the laboratory, use of instrumentation, and disposal of chemicals used (if compatible with the special waste handled by the laboratory).

Optionally, chemicals, reagents, and consumables can also be booked for a single daily rate of € 78/day plus VAT (enquiries to be addressed to the laboratory director).

In some cases, a specific 4-hour training course on the use of high-end equipment will be provided at a cost of € 223.


For requests and more information, please contact the Projects Work Group at Laimburg Research Centre:

Monica Gabrielli, MSc

+39 0471 969 669