Direction and committees

Director Dr. Michael Oberhuber


Laimburg Research Centre, founded in 1975, is the research centre for agriculture and food quality in South Tyrol. Through scientifically conducted experimentation and research, we create know-how, develop solutions and realise innovations for agriculture and food processing. With our research, we ensure the cultivation and production of high-quality agricultural products in South Tyrol and cover the entire food production chain, from cultivation to the finished product. In the mountainous areas of the region, our applied research helps to support and promote the variety of local crops. In this way, we make a concrete contribution to the development of local farms.

The programme of activities is drawn up and defined annually together with representatives of the local agriculture and food processing area. This ensures that our experimentation and research activities are geared to the concrete needs of the farming community. Every year, our more than 200 employees work on around 350 research projects both in our laboratories in Vadena and at the NOI Techpark, and on the experimental fields. Results are communicated through publications, presentations, consultations and congresses to ensure rapid implementation in practice.

Laimburg Research Centre consists of four institutes - the Institute for Fruit Growing and Viticulture, the Institute for Plant Protection, the Institute for Agricultural Chemistry and Food Quality and the Institute for Mountain Agriculture and Food Technology. The Head Office of the research centre is responsible for the Laimburg Winery and two central Research areas that support the research operations of the entire Centre: Firstly, "Central Services and Administration", which manages Human Resources, Procurement and Contracts, Accounting, as well as information technology for the Research Centre at the interface with the Landesdomäne agency. Secondly, the "Science Support, Strategy & Communication" Research area, which supports the entire life cycle of a research project with Research Management, Project Service, Project Management, Science Communication and the specialised Scientific Library.

As an agricultural research centre, it is important to us to offer rapid and, above all, sustainable solutions to current problems, to improve production techniques in ecological and economic terms and to contribute to the expansion of knowledge in the field of agriculture and food technology.


The director
Dr. Michael Oberhuber

Direction secretary:
Monika Plattner
+39 0471 969 510