Direction and committees

Director Dr. Michael Oberhuber

Laimburg Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry is the leading research institute for South Tyrol’s broad spectrum of agricultural issues. Our research work emphasises practical application in the pursuit of our mandate: to give agriculture in South Tyrol a competitive advantage by gaining a decisive head start through knowledge. On our research grounds and in our laboratories alike, we strive to find rapid solutions to immediate agricultural problems; at the same time, we are conducting basic research on specific focal topics in order to develop sustainable strategies for the future.

Since its establishment in 1975, Laimburg Research Centre has acquired a place amongst the leading agricultural research institutes in German-speaking Europe. The dedication of our employees has been a significant factor contributing to this development: they conduct more than 350 projects and activities annually and pass new findings on to South Tyrolean farmers, to international research institutions, and to the interested general public. A series of lectures, publications, conferences, and consultation services guarantee that newly acquired knowledge is immediately put into practice.

Our tasks as South Tyrol's agricultural research centre are: to offer expeditious – and above all sustainable – solutions to current problems, to improve production techniques both in ecological and economic terms, and to contribute to the deepening of knowledge in the field of agriculture.

The director
Dr. Michael Oberhuber

Direction secretary:
Monika Plattner
+39 0471 969 510