Laimburg Winery

High-quality wine is essential in supporting the core competence of the Centre: research activities in viticulture and enology. The Laimburg Winery is a faithful model of the South Tyrolean wine-growing landscape, including all of its most representative varieties: Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon blanc and Gewürztraminer are the main white wine varieties, while Lagrein, Pinot Noir and Vernatsch represent the predominant red wine varieties.

All of the grapes used to make these wines are grown in the vineyards of the Laimburg agricultural estate on a surface of some 20 hectares spread out across different sites. The individual vineyards are characterised by differing soil types and are located anywhere between 200 and 750 m above sea-level.

With an annual output of over 90,000 bottles, the award-winning Laimburg wines follow two lines: The "Estate wines" are traditional, typical vintage wines. They are characteristic for their grape variety and develop in stainless steel or oak wood barrel. The wines of the "Manor Selection" on the other hand are highly individual: Mainly developed in oak wood barrels, they are carefully selected wines whose names are based on the Ladin mythology of the Dolomites.

The ever-guiding principle of the Laimburg Winery: to relate to the character of the vine and reveal its best properties. It is a member of Tirolensis Ars Vini, a network of South Tyrolean producers of top-quality wine whose logo bears the mythological Tatzelwurm, a wyvern-like serpent creature.

In the late 1980s, the winery was faced with the necessity to create more room to store its barrels and bottles – and the most convenient solution turned out to be digging into the porphyry rock of the adjoining hillside known as Monte di Mezzo/Mitterberg. The decision proved to be ideal for a number of reasons: Hewing the extension into the rock was significantly cheaper than constructing a conventional building, and thanks to their naturally constant ambient temperatures, rock vaults are ideal for storing both barrels and bottles. And so, between 1989 and 1990 a total of 4,000 m³ of rock material were blown out of the hillside using 5 tons of dynamite, and in 2003 and 2004 the cellar was enlarged by another 6,000 m³.

With the scenic Stone Cellar, the Laimburg Winery now features a truly unique example of traditional yet contemporary wine-themed architecture. Two bronze muses, symbols of the delicate elegance and the powerful opulence of wine sculpted by Guido Anton Muss, guard the entrance to the 300 m² vault. Today, the hall is mainly used for representation purposes, as it provides an ideal backdrop for wine connoisseurs, representatives of the media, restaurateurs and gastronomy experts to meet and exchange expertise. The South Tyrolean provincial government uses the Stone Cellar vaults for events uniting prominent figures and representatives from the world of politics, NGOs, the economy or culture.

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The Sales and Wine Communications group focuses on promoting South Tyrolean viticulture through the presentation of locally produced wines, as well as those of Laimburg Winery. The group is responsible for presenting South Tyrol as a “Land of Wine“ and oversees wine tastings in the Stone Cellar.

The research conducted in the research areas Viticulture and Enology at Laimburg Research Centre provide the foundation for high-quality wine production at Laimburg Winery. Cellar staff implement the knowledge obtained through rigorous research into the vinification process for all of its wines, whose comprehensive selection represents the typical varieties of South Tyrol.

The Event Management group is responsible for the planning and organization of all events at Laimburg Research Centre and is responsible for guided tours of the facility.


Guided tours

Laimburg Research Centre offers guided tours for the general public, school and university groups, food industry organisations, and sector-specific audiences such as technicians and industry experts in various fields of research.

The Event Management group organizes and oversees all general and Stone Cellar guided tours and is also responsible for overall quality management.


Scientific events and trade fairs

The Event Management group plans, organizes and coordinates all scientific events at Laimburg Research Centre.

Scientific events connect researchers and agricultural representatives, giving rise to an exchange of ideas and expansion of knowledge. The group also organizes public events and trade fairs.


Institutional and corporate events

The Event Management group organizes and oversees all institutional and corporate events for Laimburg Research Centre.


Events in the Stone Cellar


The Event Management group is responsible for planning and organizing events and wine tastings in the Stone Cellar and is also in charge of quality management for these events.


Workshops and seminars

In order to promote networking among scientific institutions and researchers across Italy and abroad, the Event Management group curates a seminar programme entitled “Series of Lectures”.


In-house events


The Event Management group organizes in-house events to promote an exchange between our staff of researchers, aimed at fostering scientific dialogue and expanding knowledge.