Laimburg Report

Every two years, the Laimburg Research Centre presents the Laimburg Report - a report on current research projects and new scientific findings in agriculture and food processing. The biannual report is addressed at both professionals and anyone interested in agriculture and food. The publication provides general information on the mission and purpose, history, research network and the organizational structure of the Laimburg Research Centre and offers a detailed overview of the latest research results and our activities. The Core of the publication are the reviews of the four institutes of the research centre: Fruit Growing and Viticulture, Plant Health, Agricultural Chemistry and Food Quality, Mountain Agriculture and Food Technology.

The Laimburg Report is published every two years and is available in three language editions.
The latest issue of the Laimburg Report (2022-2023) came out in June 2024 in a new layout and is available in German, Italian and English.

The Laimburg Report is available at Laimburg Research Centre and can be requested via
The digital version can be downloaded from this page.


Laimburg Report 2022–2023


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