Guided Tours

Laimburg Research Centre offers guided tours for groups with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 50 participants. We organise two types of guided tours, general guided tours für the general public and technical guided tours für experts in the respective sectors.


Important information: Until 28th of February 2023 all guided tours at Laimburg Research Centre are fully booked.

Laimburg Research Centre is the leading research institution for agriculture and food quality in South Tyrol. This general tour offers an overview of the Centre, its 40-year history and its organisational structure. It features insights into the Centre's tasks and research activities across all of its specialist departments: from fruit-growing and viticulture to plant protection and to mountain agriculture and food technology.
The tour will narrow its focus down to two aspects of the Centre's portfolio and offer a look behind the scenes of its research and experimentation activities as well as current challenges in:

Topic options, according to the tour guide and the availability of the staff:

  • fruit-growing and storage testing facilities
  • viticulture and the Stone Cellar

The tour ends with a short visit to the scenic Stone Cellar.

approx. 90 minutes

Specialist tours can be arranged for all departments.The contents will be discussed and agreed with the group. Please let us know what you are most interested in.
Please note: you can select a maximum of three topics. We will process your request according to the availability of the staff. Only two out of the three selected topics will be included in your guided tour

Topic options:

  • Research and experimentation in fruit-growing
    • Pomology
    • Fruit physiology
    • Soil, fertilisation, irrigation
    • Organic farming
    • Berries and stone fruits
  • Research and experimentation in viticulture
    • Vine varieties and seed stock
    • Physiology and cultivation techniques
  • Research and experimentation in oenology
    • Vinification procedures and viticultural issues
    • Oenological processes and knowledge transfer
  • Guided tours of the winery testing facility and the Stone Cellar with an optional wine tasting session. Price: € 3 per wine and person; standard tasting sessions include four wines (two white and two red wines) at € 12 per person.
    • Research and experimentation in plant protection
      • Entomology
      • Phytopathology
      • Testing Plant Protection Products
      • Virology and diagnostics
      • Applied genomics and molecular biology
        • Molecular biology laboratory tour
      • Horticulture
  • Research and experimentation in agricultural chemistry and food quality
    • Food microbiology
      • Food microbiology laboratory tour
    • Food chemistry
      • Laboratory for Wine and Beverages Analytics
      • Laboratory for Residues and Contaminants
    • Plant nutrition and fodder analysis
      • Laboratory for Plant Nutrition and Fodder Analysis
  • Research and experimentation in mountain agriculture and food technology
    • Vegetable growing
    • Grassland farming
    • Arable crops and aromatic plants
    • Fermentation and distillation
    • Fruit and vegetable processing
    • Sensory science
    • Storage and postharvest biology

Approx. 90minutes

General information

Groups must have a minimum of ten and should not exceed 50 participants. All specialist tours cost €63 per group.

Visits can be arranged from Monday to Friday between 08:30 and 12:00 and again from 14:00 and 16:00. We kindly ask you to be on time for your tour. Should the delay be more than 30 minutes, we cannot guarantee the tour.

Meet in front of the wine shop at the south entrance of Laimburg Research Centre. [Directions]


Please note: During harvest times, tour availability may be limited:
Fruit-growing: 6th – 26th August and 1st September – 15th November
Viticulture and oenology: 15th August – 15th October
Storage: 1st June – 31st July