Our mission statement

Our Vision

Laimburg is the leading Research Centre for agriculture in South Tyrol.
We see ourselves in a leading role as think-tank and driving force for the welfare of agriculture in South Tyrol. We set the standards towards which agriculture in the region orients itself.

About us

Through sound experimentation, research and laboratory analyses, we lay the necessary foundations for problem solving and innovation in agriculture; in doing so, we carry our share of the responsibility to ensure the survival of South Tyrol’s farms.
We put scientific knowledge to practical use, e.g. in our pilot farms.
We foster local, national and international cooperation and contacts. We also cultivate close relationships with South Tyrol’s agricultural schools and with other consulting and research facilities.

Our Basic Values

Through our work we contribute to the sustainability and competitiveness of agriculture in South Tyrol. At the same time we take into account economic factors, protection of the environment and the safeguarding of consumers.
We work in a goal-oriented way, objectively and independently following scientific rules and methods. We apply our knowledge and information responsibly.
Our concern is to produce quality and create trust.
We handle tangible and intangible assets with care.

Clients – Products - Services

Our client is Agriculture in South Tyrol: we serve all those who contribute directly or indirectly to its growth. We develop new expertise, offer modern products and provide high-quality service with the objective to achieve profitable output.
Our farms are local points of contact and act as on-site ambassadors. We support training and continuing education, and realise pilot projects – often with our own financial resources.
We provide information about our accomplishments, activities and results through appropriate communication channels.

Our Code of Conduct: towards and between co-workers and senior staff

We resepect each other and interact in a fair and open way. We support each other even across organisational boundaries and collaborate in an active and independent way. Everyone is responsible for his or her own assignment.
The cornerstones for a successful working relationship and interpersonal communication are timely information and regular communication.
Professional training, continuing education, motivation and personal development are important for successful work; good working conditions, quality tools and work-place safety are equally important.