Residues and Contaminants

Pesticides are used in agriculture to protect and secure the harvest. The Laboratory for Residues and Contaminants analyses residues to help guarantee environmentally friendly cultivation methods and largely unpolluted agricultural produce which does not exceed the legal limit of residue levels.

  • analysis of residues from insecticides, fungicides, acaricides and herbicides in agricultural products as well as in soil and water
  • analysis of natural substances
  • analysis of new pesticides in terms of degradation and drift properties
  • residue analysis of random samples from organic and integrated farming to guarantee compliance with the appropriate guidelines
  • development and optimisation of new methods of analysis

In 2011, the Laboratory for Residues and Contaminants was accredited according to ISO 17025:2005 with the accreditation number ACCREDIA 0463. Click below for a list of all accredited analysis methods:

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