Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board convenes at the request of the Chair whenever he or she deems it necessary, but at least once a year.  Its operations are governed by the Scientific Advisory Board rules of procedure. The Scientific Advisory Board is independent and has the following tasks and functions:

  • it advises the Director of the Centre with regard to the planning of research and development programmes and makes recommendations on the quality of scientific work and strategic orientation of the Centre in the context of the tasks and objectives set out in its statute and rules of procedure;
  • it gives its opinion on the programme of activities presented by the Director;
  • it reviews the research and service activities of the individual institutes in coordination with the Director of the Centre;
  • it supports the Centre by advising the department responsible for policy;
  • it supports exchange and cooperation by the Centre with research institutions in similar or related fields at home and abroad.

The scientific advisory board is appointed by the Director of the Centre.

The following are members of the Scientific Advisory Board:

  • two specialists selected from a shortlist of three candidates from the two most representative provincial advisory organisations in the agricultural sector (South Tyrolean Extension Service for Fruit and Wine Growing and the Advisory Service for Mountain Agriculture),
  • one specialist selected from a shortlist of three from the most representative provincial farmers’ association (South Tyrolean Farmer’s association),
  • for specific research areas covered by the Centre’s sphere of activity, up to ten specialists with proven scientific experience.


Members of the Scientific Advisory Board of Laimburg Research Centre, for the period from 01.01.2022 until 31.12.2026:


  • Chair: Dr. Lukas Bertschinger (Agroscope)
  • Deputy Chair: Prof. DDr. Matthias Gauly (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano)

The Advisory Committee members:

  • Dr. Robert Wiedmer (Südtiroler Beratungsring für Obst- und Weinbau)
  • Dr. Christian Plitzner (Beratungsring Berglandwirtschaft Südtirol)
  • Dr. Siegfried Rinner (Südtiroler Bauernbund)
  • Dr. rer. habil. Manuela Zude-Sasse (Leibniz-Institut für Agrartechnik und Bioökonomie Potsdam)
  • Prof. Dr. Hans Reiner Schultz (Hochschule Geisenheim)
  • Prof. Dr. Frank Ordon (Julius-Kühn-Institut)