Food Technologies Day



08:30-09:00 Registration

09:00-09:15 Welcome greetings

  • Arnold Schuler, Councillor for Agriculture, Forestry, Tourism and Civil Protection (via video)
  • Michael Oberhuber, Director of the Laimburg Research Centre

09:15-10:00 Speech by Prof. Luca Falasconi, University of Bologna (Professor of Agricultural and Food Policy and Scientific Head of the Waste Watcher International Observatory - Italy): "Models of valorisation for sustainable agrifood"

10:00-10:45 Reports on the CirBeer - Brewing in Circle project:

Lorenza Conterno, Head of the Research Area of Food Technology: "Brewing in Circle: an example of interdisciplinary collaboration, from beer production to the possible reuse of some by-products".

Elisa Maria Vanzo, Group leader of the Sensory Science Laboratory: “Waste-to-Food: the role of food sensory science".

Elena Venir, Group leader of the Fruit and Vegetable Processing and Meat Products: "Effect of the addition of BSG flours on dough rheology - study on model and real food systems"

10:45-11:15 Coffee break

11:15-12:00 Presentation by Mattia Baroni: "Reports on the Locycle Food Project"

Andreas Putti, Group leader of the Food Microbiology Laboratory: "Microbiological analyses of new food flavour enhancers".

Eva Überegger, Group leader of the Laboratory for Wine and Beverages Analysis: "Analysis of free amino acids in fermented products from the Locycle Food Project".

Peter Robatscher, Head of research area Food Chemistry: "Analysis of nutrients in foodstuffs: Water- and fat-soluble vitamins in fermented products'.

12:00-12:20 Case Study Locycle Food from Mattia Baroni 

12:20-14:00 Flying Buffet

14:00-15:00 Visit to the Laboratory of Sensory Science in small groups at the Stadlhof building


To register for the event (mandatory):

Place: Research Centre Laimburg (Aula Magna)
Date: 08.06.2023
Time: 08:30 - 15:00