Digital detection of phytoplasmoses in fruit and wine growing

Are quads, drones and satellites revolutionising disease detection in orchards and vineyards? The use of modern technology to detect plant diseases opens up new possibilities for agriculture. We will show and discuss the opportunities and perspectives of digital image and data acquisition with experts from science, applied research and practice.

With presentations by international and local experts from the Julius Kühn Institute, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, RLP AgroScience, South Tyrol Plant Protection Service, South Tyrol Advisory Council for Fruit Growing and Viticulture, Fondazione Edmund Mach, Laimburg Research Centre, Eurac Research and NOI Techpark.

The lectures will be held in German or Italian. Simultaneous translation into Italian or German will be provided for the presentations and the discussion.

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8:30 Registration

9:00 Welcome:

  • Walter Guerra, Head of institute for Fruit Growing and Viticulture Laimburg Research Centre
  • Hannes Schuler, Competence Centre for Plant Health of the Free University of Bozen/Bolzano

9:20 Infestation situation of golden yellowing in vineyards in South Tyrol, Fabian Pernter, South Tyrol Plant Protection Service

9:30 Infestation situation apple proliferation in South Tyrol, Markus Ladurner, South Tyrolean Advisory Council for Fruit Growing and Viticulture

9:40 Situation of apple blight and golden yellowing in Trentino, Mattia Zaffoni and Alberto Gelmetti, Fondazione Edmund Mach

10:00 Digital detection of diseases in viticulture, Barbara Jarausch and Anna Kicherer, Julius-Kühn-Institut

10:20 Fruit growing: current situation of apple shoot blight and pear decline in Germany, Wolfgang Jarausch, RLP AgroScience)

10:40 Coffee break

11:20 Early detection of apple shoot blight using leaf spectral analysis, Katrin Janik, Laimburg Research Centre

11:40 Tracking down phytoplasmas - the scene of the crime in vineyards, Anna Kicherer, Julius Kühn Institute

12:00 Recording the State of Health in Fruit Growing - A Spectral Laboratory Analysis on a Single Leaf Basis, Patrick Menz, Fraunhofer IFF

12:30 - 14:00 Lunch Break 

14:00 Recording the Health Status of Orchards by Spectral Drone Flight, Bonito Thielert, Fraunhofer IFF

14:20 Development of an airborne monitoring method for identifying phytoplasmas in vineyards using hyper- and multispectral sensors, Sonja Rechkemmer, State Research and Teaching Institute for Viticulture and Fruit Growing Weinsberg

14:40 Remote detection of apple proliferation and pear decay in satellite images, Wolfgang Jarausch, RLP AgroScience

15:00 PhenoTruck: a mobile laboratory for on-site spectral and molecular diagnosis, Wolfgang Jarausch and Markus Michel, RLP AgroScience and Fraunhofer IBMT

15:20 Multisensor and multiscale approach for the detection of pests and plant diseases in mountain agriculture, Roberto Monsorno, Eurac Research

15:40 General conditions for the use of drones, Sebastian Mayrgündter, NOI AG

16:00 Questions and final discussion 

16:30 Exchange with practitioners: Presentation of spectroradiometer, drone, quad and mobile lab at NOI TechPark

Place: Bozen, NOI Techpark, A. Volta Str. 15
Date: 12.07.2023
Time: 08.30 AM - 05.00 PM