Action Plan for Mountain Agriculture and Food Sciences

Action Plan for Mountain Agriculture and Food Sciences

The aim of the Action Plan for Mountain Agriculture and Food Science is to strengthen the competitiveness of farms in the South Tyrolean mountain area through new market niches and to optimise the production of plant and animal-based mountain products. In 2015, the provincial government commissioned the Laimburg Research Centre and the Free University of Bolzano to implement the action plan for strengthening mountain agriculture. Since then, they have accompanied small and large local farms with scientific research: from agronomic surveys in the field to the processing and refinement of raw materials and products in the sense of a circular economy.


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Berries and Stonefruit

For various supplementary crops such as elderberries, hazelnuts, or walnuts, the Berries and Stonefruit working group constructed a pilot and demonstration installation in order to provide useful information on the various cultivation issues such as variety selection, training systems, and care. The chestnut – a tree rich in tradition – and problems associated with its cultivation (infestation by the Chestnet Tortrix, Septoria Leaf Spot, and the fungus Gnomoniopsis) are now being investigated experimentally. Thanks to the new resources, new niche and/or supplementary crops (the hazelnut, mini-kiwis, the blue honeysuckle, the sea buckthorn, the amelanchier, etc.) can now be tested for their suitability for cultivation in the low mountain ranges of South Tyrol. Together with the Fondazione Edmund Mach (TN) and the Fondazione Fojanini (SO), a comparison of new sweet cherry rootstocks for the low mountain ranges was also started.


German: Aktionsplan Berglandwirtschaft (2023)


Italian: Piano d’azione agricoltura montana e scienze alimentari (2023)